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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Silvery Green Skyline Design on iPhone 7 Case

Nighttime Gritty City Skyline on Coffee Mug

Fanciful City Skyline Postcard

Surrealistic Sea and Skyscape on T-Shirt

Surrealistic Sea and Sky Tote Bag

Surrealistic Sky and Sea Bandana

Surrealistic Sky and Seascape Coffee Mug

Surrealistic Sky and Seascape Postcard

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Old Dial Telephone Collage on Passport Holder

Old Dial Telephone Design on Tote Bag

Old Dial Telephone Collage Bandana

Anyone Call Telephone Design on Coffee Mug

Dial Me Telephone Designed T-Shirt

Antique Dial Telephone Design on iPhone 7 Case

Fun Red Modern Abstract Pillow

Colorful Red and Green Bandana

Bright Red and Tan iPhone 7 Case

Red Black and White Design on Coffee Mug

Monday, August 14, 2017

Trees and Sky Throw Pillow

Sky and Tree Branches on Coffee Mug

Geometric Ping Pong Paddle

Geometric Passport Holder

Blue and Orange Geometric Hair Tie

Southwestern Geometric Note Pad

Two-Sided Colors on Geometric Placemats

Kitchen Towel with Southwestern Geometrics

Summery Geometric Southwestern-Style T-Shirt

Southwestern Geometric on iPhone 7 Case

Summery Geometric Throw Pillow

Summery Geometric Skateboard

Summery Geometric Tote Bag

New Video of me painting a watercolor

 Here is a video of me painting an area in the park near the dog pond.  To look at the final product further, go to  Prospect Park near Dog ...