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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Coffee Break Hand Fan

Dog on Old Fashioned Bike Hand Fan

Statue of Liberty Photo on Hand Fan

Frog Happy Hand Fan

Cookie Cutter Design on Hand Fan

Art Deco Styled Hand Fan

Cool Blue Mandala Hand Fan

A Dozen Roses Hand Fan

Mandala Sunlike Design on Hand Fan

Cooling Tree Illustration on Hand Fan

Swimmin' with the Fishes Hand Fan

Hot Dragon Design on Hand Fan

Monarch Butterfly on Hand Fan

Hot Lavah Flow Designed Hand Fand Hand Fan

ET on my Hand Fan

Southwestern Style Hand Fan

Whimsical Girl 27 Hand Fan

Double Luck Four-Leaf Clover Hand Fan

Cool Hot Colors on Hand Fan

Grassy Hand Fan

Mythical Urban Landscape Hand Fan

Mythical Landscape on Hand Fan

Whimsical Girl Hand Fan

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Blue Rose Design on Keychain

Blue Rose Design on Magnet

Vacationing Whimsy Girl Bottle Opener

Blue Roses Design on Playing Cards

Blue Roses Design on Round Sticker

Breathtaking Blue Rose Pinback Button

Blue Roses Design on Pacifier

Romantic Blue Roses Design on Necktie

Blue Roses Design on Gift Boxes

Blue Roses Design on Travel Mug

Fun Abstract Teal, Lime and Magenta Bathmat

Blue and Green Checkered Candy Jar

Brilliant Blue and Green Checked Paper Plates

Brilliant Ricoleta Blue and Green Placemats

Bold Blue and Green Checked Coffee Mug

Bold and Lively Checkered Bathmat in Blue & Green

Triangle Design in Blues Pinks on Shower Curtain

Triangle Design in Blues and Pinks on Bathmat

Fun Blues Reds Blacks in Throw Pillow

Red-Orange Geometric on Bath Mat

Blue Roses Designed Retro iPhone 5/5s Case

Blue Rose Designed Dinner Plate

Blue Roses Designed Drink Coaster

Blue Roses in Grass Fancy Belt Buckle

Blue Roses Designed Cake Pick for Birthdays

New Video of me painting a watercolor

 Here is a video of me painting an area in the park near the dog pond.  To look at the final product further, go to  Prospect Park near Dog ...