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Saturday, August 15, 2020

New Crossword Puzzle Book with 101 new puzzles for the crossword puzzle lover

Can't Get Enough Crosswords: Volume 3 is now available on

Here is the link:

Can't Get Enough Crossword Puzzles: Volume 3 by Amy Adams Elterman via @amazon

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Coder's Version of The Passionate Shepherd to His Love BY CHRISTOPHER MARLOWE

The Passionate Coder to his Bullpen Co-Worker Come code with me and be my bug, and we will all the glitches proof, That errors, deadend loops and goofs, And awful blunders find and poof. And we will sit in dirty socks, Espy CEOS who carp and mock By shallow snippets which gently rise To sing among the coding blocks. And I will make thee lines of codage And a thousand errors bloatage, With a cap of a hundred overtime hours, And a girdle embroidered with untold strings of typo'ed spaghetti code. A clown made of the finest ifs and end ifs, Which from our pretty brains we pull, Fair lined solutions for any random bold request, with suckling pigs of purest code. A belly of raw and streaming strings, With variable flips and somber flaws; And if these codings may thee move, Come code with me, and be in my bull pen. The coding swains shall write and ping, For thy amusement this 2020 spring; If these amuse thy mind enough, Then code with me, and be my luv. Anonymous Coder

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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Puzzle Games - New Book of Sudoku Puzzles

Hello there!

I created a new book of Sudoku puzzles.  There are easy, medium and hard puzzles - enough for the whole family.  There are 400 puzzles in the book.  It took me weeks to put this book together and I would appreciate you out there, checking it out and giving it a go, that is, if you like Sudoku puzzles.  Otherwise, I have several other puzzle books available. 

Here's the link!  Thank you!

New Video of me painting a watercolor

 Here is a video of me painting an area in the park near the dog pond.  To look at the final product further, go to  Prospect Park near Dog ...